Each of our outdoor lighting systems are designed unique.

Our landscape lighting design process begins with a walk-through of the property with the homeowners to discuss exactly what they want their landscape lighting system to achieve. After establishing what our clients want, we will design a low-voltage LED lighting system using our recommended fixtures and provide them with a comprehensive proposal that includes examples of our work and information on our design and a fixture count.

Our experience drives our ingenuity and allows us to deliver unique and inspired outdoor lighting systems that our clients and their guests can enjoy every time the sun sets.


Our landscape lighting installation techniques and procedures set us apart

Our custom designs are only the beginning of creating a world-class outdoor lighting system. It takes knowledge, experience and dedication to ensure that our systems will last for a lifetime, especially in a four-season climate like New Jersey. That is exactly what we bring to our installation process and to our clients.

We utilize minimally invasive installation techniques to ensure that it looks like we were never there. We invest in the best tools and materials so that our highly-trained technicians get the job done right the first time. We will never take shortcuts and we always strive for excellence.


Worry-free outdoor lighting maintenance contracts

Like anything else in your home, your landscape lighting system requires regular maintenance. Inquire about our no-worry maintenance contracts that include scheduled service calls where we will perform line-voltage readings, fixture/lens cleaning, fixture relocations, pruning as well as fixture and lamp repair and replacements.

S&M Landscape Lighting will also perform system optimizations on lighting systems that we did not install, though this is case-dependent. System optimizations may include conversion from halogen to LED and lighting redesigns.


Waterfall lighting and pond lighting

We have been tastefully lighting waterscapes for over a decade using the latest technologies and ingenuities. We will utilize a combination of both underwater and traditional low-voltage LED landscape lights to add serenity and beauty to your water features.

Pool and patio lighting

For over ten-years we have been a trusted partner to home and business owners looking to add functional, fun and attractive lighting solutions for their pools, hot tubs and patio areas as well as a safe and attractive way to light the landscape surrounding them.

Dock lighting

Dock lighting in New Jersey is a special undertaking. Whether you are looking for pier or bulkhead lighting solutions or even underwater dock lights, you can trust S&M Landscape Lighting to create a design that adds safety and security as well as the type of laid-back ambiance dock owners desire.

Commercial property lighting

Our lighting designs and products can transform commercial properties at night to leave guests feeling comfortable, safe and relaxed. Whether it is micro-LED lighting tree wraps for a restaurant or a professional-grade lighting design for a wedding venue, our team is up to the task.