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Just like our client's homes, each of our designs are unique. We don't believe there's such a thing as a "standard design."

Our landscape lighting design process begins with a walk-through of the property with all of the home's decision-makers, where we discuss their goals for a landscape lighting system, their specific tastes and their budget.

We take into account many things, including the style of your home, your landscaping, your hardscaping, electrical access points and whatever other unique features there may be. Once we have completed our walk-through, we'll design a system to maximize your budget and the impact of an outdoor lighting system.

  • We're happy to, and often do, break down our proposals in stages and zones, allowing homeowners the option to complete the project in stages. This allows our clients to receive the best available landscape lighting system without breaking their budget.
  • Certain aspects of our design can be altered in order to accommodate a certain budget. We will do what we can to ensure that a client who is committed to getting the best possible outdoor lighting system has a chance to get it.
  • Our architectural lighting designs are innovative and custom tailored to your home. Architectural lighting and landscape lighting is an art form and we take our art very seriously.

Our designs, along with our installation process and the quality of our fixtures are what sets S&M Landscape Lighting apart. For us, every single job is as important as the next.


Our installation techniques and procedures set us apart

Our outdoor lighting installation process and procedures, which have been developed and perfected over ten years, are one of the many things that make us the best in the business.

We utilize minimally invasive installation techniques to ensure that it looks like we were never there. We have invested in the best tools and materials so that our highly-trained technicians can always get the job done right the first time. We never take shortcuts and we always overcome obstacles.

The most important part of a properly installed low-voltage lighting system is hidden underground. This is often where shortcuts are made by low-bid contractors. All of our connections are made using a proprietary method that ensures no moisture will get through. Our fixtures are assembled by our technicians and are always inspected before and after installation to ensure they are properly sealed. We test our lines to ensure that each fixture is receiving the correct voltage and that it is working flawlessly.

We have methods to run our low-voltage lines underneath your patio or walkway without having to lift your pavers, and if for some reason they do have to be lifted, each of our technicians is trained to do so in a way that you would never know if we didn't tell you.


Our clients are covered with our no-worry maintenance contracts

Like any system in your home, your landscape lighting system requires regular maintenance to ensure it continues to perform as expected. S&M Landscape Lighting offers no-worry maintenance contracts that include scheduled service calls where we will perform line-voltage reading, fixture and lens cleaning, fixture relocations and pruning as well as fixture and lamp replacements.

S&M Landscape Lighting will also perform system optimizations on lighting systems that we did not install, though this is case-dependent. System optimization may include: conversion from halogen to LED, line voltage reading, fixture relocations, fixture cleaning and underground connection inspections. Pricing would be determined by the size of the system and the quality of the original installation and fixtures.

We will not perform maintenance or optimization on a solar lighting system or a system that was installed using low-quality, box-store bought fixtures. These systems can never be optimized in a way that we would deem acceptable by our standards. We are happy to discuss the installation of a new system with homeowners who are unhappy with their current low-budget system.


We have over ten years of experience in the following specialty services

Waterscape lighting

We have been tastefully lighting waterscapes for over a decade. We use low-voltage underwater fixtures as well as fiber-optic technology to create truly stunning water scenes. We can maximize the impact and beauty of your waterscaping with a properly designed and safe to use low-voltage waterscape lighting system.

Pool lighting

Most companies will not attempt to install lighting in pools that have already been built. We have the tools and experience to perform these tricky installations on a case-by-case basis. We can also discuss other low-voltage lighting options and designs to create the desired effect in your pool and pool area even after it has been built.

Deck/patio lighting

We have the experience, tools and specialty fixtures required to tastefully light your deck or patio while ensuring the essential areas are well-lit for safety, ambiance and entertaining. Whether you want post cap lighting, deck stair lighting, bistro lighting or a more traditional deck post light.

Holiday/event lighting

We can discuss options to temporarily light your home, rented venue and yard for special occasions or holidays. Please contact us through our website to request an estimate.

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