When is the right time to think about adding outdoor lighting?

August 17, 2018

Whether you just bought your forever home, you’re looking to create or spruce up your outdoor living area or you’re putting in new landscaping, when is the right time to think about outdoor lighting?

The simple answer is outdoor lighting can be added anytime, anywhere when you are working with true outdoor lighting design and installation professionals, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a best time to begin planning.

If you’re creating a new outdoor living space, whether it is a new patio, deck, outdoor open-air structure like a gazebo, trellis or pergola or even a pool, the best time to get involved in planning your outdoor lighting system would be towards the end of your designing phase.

An outdoor lighting specialist can discuss options to light the area with the homeowner and General Contractor (GC) to ensure that any sleeve or chaseways needed to run low voltage lines can be installed at the appropriate time, limiting the amount of hardscaping that needs to be lifted or altered for installation of the lighting fixtures.

An outdoor lighting specialist can also work with the GC to pre-wire certain structures at the appropriate time during the construction phase, thus making the installation cleaner and more seamless for the homeowner and installation crews.

When it comes to landscape lighting an outdoor lighting specialist can work with the landscaper to make sure that the lighting is installed or at least pre-wired after the specimens are planted and before ground cover, like stone or mulch is laid. This will reduce the amount of repetitive work and ensure that once your professional landscaper has laid the ground cover, it does not need to be disturbed, even for a minimally invasive installation like landscape lighting.

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