Waterfall lighting with low voltage lighting in New Jersey

August 10, 2020

Outdoor lighting is an art. There are so many different ways to create beautiful and inspiring night scenes, but there are many more ways to design and install these low-voltage lighting systems incorrectly.

When it comes to lighting water features, like Koi ponds and waterfalls a properly designed landscape lighting system can bring out details and colors that are nearly lost in the day time. The contrast of the stone, plantings, water, pebbles, fish and algae make these systems some of our favorite to install.

We incorporate a mix of RGB (color-changing) underwater lighting installation techniques along with directional lighting and accent lighting to create a mix of tones, shadows and reflections to create a tranquil and unique atmosphere.

To inquire about low-voltage lighting around your water feature area, please call us at (9080 369-7791 or submit a request here.