The right type of landscape light

February 7, 2019

As a dedicated outdoor lighting company since 2007, we have seen and used a variety of fixtures in our designs. In our decade-plus of installing, repairing and replacing outdoor lighting fixtures in New Jersey, we have come up with a short list of reasons why we use certain fixtures and how that benefits our clients.

Recommendation: Don’t use aluminum or open fixtures:

Aluminum fixtures are less expensive to manufacture, therefore cheaper to the consumer. That does not make it a better value. Aluminum fixtures are typically powder-coated or painted and easily scratched, damaged or destroyed. The electrical and weather-proofing components in these fixtures are typically sub-par, meaning that repair is typically more expensive than to replace the fixture entirely.

The problem becomes at what point do you simply replace the entire system instead of continuously repairing damaged, scratched or broken fixtures? At what point is the integrity of the system degraded beyond repair?

Recommendation: Don’t use fixtures that are not fully weatherproof.

A lot of companies that come in and out of business in NJ use plastic fixtures that are only sealed on top with glass lenses and have exposed tractor-style bulbs that are covered in a rubber protective sleeve. These fixtures are incredibly cheap to manufacture and, while easily repaired, eventually the only thing left working is the vestibule. That means the cheap plastic tube and lens remain as you continually replace the far more expensive bulbs. The copper in the underground low-voltage lines eventually oxidize and you have to rip it up and replace it entirely.

These fixtures are not worth the hassle in the long run.

Recommendation: Do use fully weatherproof copper, brass or stainless steel fixtures:

Our recommended fixtures are commercial-grade copper and brass. These fixtures are fully Outdoor pathway lighting NJweatherproof and have a natural patinae. This means that the longer you own the fixtures, the more distinguished and attractive they look. They will not scratch, they will not break, not even acid rain or ice melt will damage them. They are designed to last in the New Jersey climate.

Stainless steel fixtures are also recommended, though the fixtures themselves are more expensive. If you are going to get a stainless steel plated fixture, make sure the fixture itself is made from copper or brass and not aluminum or plastic.

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