Professional or DIY landscape lighting system

September 9, 2022

There are more options than ever for homeowners looking to add some light to the outside of their homes with an increased presence of homeowner grade low voltage lighting at many big box and online stores. What can homeowners expect from a DIY system compared to a professionally designed and installed commercial-grade lighting system?

DIY system:

A DIY system is going to be significantly less expensive, but not just from saving money on labor, also because the products themselves are made to be easy to install, but not made to last. The connectors provided will allow homeowners to easily tap into their feed lines but they are not truly weatherproof so eventually the leader and feed lines will oxidize and the system will no longer function properly. The light produced by these lower-grade diodes will not be uniform and will not be tru to their kelvin temperatures, often producing closer to four or five thousand kelvin than the desired 2700 to 3000. Maintenance will have to be performed by the homeowner and often will be left in disarray after only a few years.

Professional system:

The design will be balanced and create depth and drama. The materials will be raw metal with natural patina making the fixture more attractive as it aged. The connection materials will be weatherproof and ensure longevity and system performance. The light output will be true to design and last longer. Service and maintenance will be performed by properly trained technicians and warranty items will be taken care of by the company that installed it.

The cost difference is not just in the labor, but reflected in the quality of work and quality of outcome.

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