Professional Holiday Lighting Installation in New Jersey

September 11, 2018

September is a time of change in New Jersey. It is the end of summer and beginning of autumn. It is when our kids go back to school and the days begin to get shorter. What follows is fall foliage and winter white. It is a unique time in the outdoor lighting industry as we are still full steam ahead with getting lights in the ground, but it is also time to begin to think about professional holiday lighting.

You see, unlike traditional outdoor lighting installations, the installation window is very small for Holiday lighting. There are only a few weeks of the year in order to get your lights up after Thanksgiving and with enough time to enjoy them before early January when the lights traditionally come down.

Unfortunately, many of the people who contact us for holiday lighting do not give us enough time to design and install the system before it's too late.

Some things to start to consider before any holiday lighting goes in, is what type of scene do you want? Is it a classical scene with white bulbs or more whimsical, with in-lawn decorations?

Do you prefer to have multiple trees wrapped or one tree decorated as a centerpiece?

Do you want only white lights or colored? Do you want us to outline the roof and gutter line of your home or would you prefer to have your entire roofline wrapped?

We can offer suggestions based on your home’s style and your taste, but it’s always a good idea to have some examples or ideas of lighting you know you like ready, in order to assist us in the design.

In landscape and outdoor lighting, a lot of the time we find that less is more in terms of the amount of lights in a design. In Holiday lighting more is almost always going to give you the effect you desire. We always want our Holiday lighting clients to be blown away by our professional designs and to set the stage for a magical Holiday season.

If you’re interested in holiday lighting at your home for Christmas, Hanukkah or Diwali, give us a call and we’ll see if we can work together. You can submit a contact inquiry or call us at (908) 369-7791.