Planning to install outdoor lighting this spring or summer? Here are some tips:

April 11, 2019

With April showers bringing forth May flowers and the longer, warmer days of spring upon us, it is time once again to prepare our homes for outdoor living. A spring clean-up of the lawn and landscape beds, dusting off our outdoor kitchens and preparing our patios, decks, pools and pergolas for life after winter. It is a joyous time, allergies aside, for those of us who reside in New Jersey, and for those of us who design and install professional-grade outdoor lighting systems, it is a busy one.

Our landscape lighting season begins in earnest and ramps up steadily throughout the dog-days of summer. So what should you know as a homeowner in New Jersey looking for landscape lighting?

Contact us early if you have a deadline in mind for completion of your outdoor lighting system. We too often hear potential clients tell us they are having an Easter, Memorial Day or July 4th party in just a few days and they want Landscape Lighting in before the big day. Clients should anticipate a three to five week window before installation begins and after a contract has been signed.

Plan your outdoor lighting in conjunction with your landscape, hardscape and irrigation projects. Outdoor lighting is typically considered the finishing touch to an outdoor renovation project, but that doesn’t mean it should be an after-thought. Contact us while you are still in the planning phase of an outdoor project, like a new pool, patio, deck, pergola, walkway or landscaping. When we are brought in early enough, we can ensure that we work together with you other contractors to install the lighting in the appropriate phases, thereby ensuring the cleanest and most minimally invasive job possible.

Lastly, make sure to tell us about planned future expansion of your outdoor lighting system. Outdoor lighting is something that can be installed in phases and we often encourage homeowners trying to fit a lighting system into their budget to do so. We just need to know where future expansion of the system may lead to in order to keep the future system as budget friendly as possible by reducing the need to further investment in the infrastructure of the system.

To learn more about planning and installing an outdoor lighting system, contact us at (908) 369-7791 or submit a contact inquiry here.