Outdoor lighting solutions for your pool or patio this summer

June 6, 2019

Summertime in New Jersey is a special time of year where outdoor living and entertaining are in full swing. The pools have been opened. The patio furniture is out. The smell of grilled food and sunscreen fills the warm summer air. The desire to stay outside for as long as possible does not set with the sun.

Outdoor lighting is a sensible solution for many areas of the home -- driveways, walkways, architecture, landscape-- but your outdoor living and entertaining areas require a special kind of attention. Our clients want something warm and inviting, something that provides the light necessary to keep guests safe, but also something that utilizes the unique aspects of the area and enhances the relaxing and care-free, resort-type feel they are looking to achieve.

A lighting system designed for the areas of your home that you take the most pride in and spend the most time in needs to be custom, functional, professional-grade and enhance the ambiance you’ve already created.

Low-voltage lighting solutions are perfect for these areas and there are a myriad of ways a custom-designed outdoor lighting system can be integrated into your outdoor living spaces, whether that consists of a pool area, patio, deck, pergola, gazebo or any other defined space for outdoor entertainment or relaxation.

Area lighting is the most common way to light these outdoor living spaces. Area lighting is the term used for lighting an area using a fixture that stands above an area (usually between two and six feet tall) with light being evenly distributed across a space. This is best for an open, flat area as well as walkways and lighting low-level landscaping like flowers or bushes.

Moonlighting or downlighting is another way to achieve a similar effect, except from much higher and using a wider-spread, more powerful lamp. Moonlighting can be done from trees, trellises or any other structure with height and a vantage point to the area you’re looking to light.

Low-voltage LED hanging lights, like Bistro lights or pendant lighting can be done as well, depending on the availability of attachment points, canopy trees and height.

Undercap lighting can be used as well, if there are existing structures that can benefit and have capstones that extend over two inches from the structure.

No matter the space, there is a low-voltage outdoor lighting solution that can ensure your outdoor living areas are well-lit for whatever purpose you use the space for. Our over-twelve years of experience in custom design and installation of lighting systems allows us to provide you with the system that best fits your needs.

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