Outdoor lighting principles: Architectural lighting

June 25, 2020

Architectural lighting is an art form. Is it what separates the true outdoor lighting professionals and the contractors who want to pad their income with uninspired designs, low-grade materials and inferior installation techniques.

When we design and install an outdoor lighting system in New Jersey, we look at a few things. How do we achieve a warm and even light across all architectural features we are looking to design for? How do we minimize hot spots, shadows and dark areas? How do we ensure that our beam spreads are only going where they are intended and not creating undesirable and sometimes dangerous glare traps?

The answer to each of those questions is different for each home we light, but the principles always remain the same. As visionaries and pioneers in outdoor lighting since the inception of our company in 2007, we have always had the same goal. To create the most beautiful and reliable outdoor lighting systems in New Jersey and to stand behind our work with five-star customer service.

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