Maintaining your landscape lighting system

January 24, 2018

Like any system in your home, the key to keeping an outdoor lighting system performing flawlessly is regular maintenance. At S&M Landscape Lighting, we use only commercial grade, die-cast, raw bronze and copper fixtures. The reason behind our use of these products, aside from their attractive and timeless appearance, is our ability to maintain and repair these fixtures so that they will last a lifetime.

Other materials, like powder-coated aluminum and plastics have a life expectancy that, once they’ve been reached, are no longer feasible to repair. With our products, repairs can be made to the electrical components without compromising the structure or functionality of the fixture.

System degradation is inevitable. Over time, moisture can be allowed into a fixture due to bad seals and rubber gaskets, especially in a four-season environment like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Fixtures can be displaced or dislodged and wiring can be exposed through force or regular erosion, human error as well as animal life. Lenses can be muddied and the luminance of bulbs can degenerate over time.

Our commitment to the best possible products and our ingenuity in the field allows us the ability to repair these issues without sacrificing the integrity of the system or the fixtures themselves. In the case that a maintained fixture stops working and cannot be repaired, it will be replaced by our experienced field technicians free of charge. We carry most of the parts needed to fix or replace fixtures at all times so repairs are quick and painless.

Of course the best possible way to ensure that your system continues to serve you for as long as you own your home is to sign up for a worry-free maintenance contract. A worry-free maintenance contract means that our technicians will perform a complete system optimization and cleaning at a scheduled time on your property. Our clients who take advantage of this program can expect our team to:

  • Clean the lenses of your fixtures to ensure that the natural weathering of outdoor elements do not negatively affect your system’s luminance.
  • “Reseal” your fixtures to ensure that no water is seeping in.
  • Prune your landscaping or move your fixtures, as needed, to ensure that as your landscaping matures our system is still capturing its beauty as designed.
  • Replace faulty or failing lamps, parts and fixtures.
  • Ensure that fixtures which were placed on trees, or atop anything that may have moved or grown have the appropriate amount of electrical line ‘slack’ to ensure its continued optimal performance.
  • Check the timer settings and reset as needed.

Our clients with regularly scheduled maintenance contracts can also save when it comes to emergency service. Emergency service is a call-out in which a fixture may have been damaged by unforeseen circumstances or human error.

If you’ve made the substantial investment of a commercial-grade, professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system, then consider a maintenance contract to ensure that your system is performing as well as it was when it was installed.

To inquire about a maintenance contract on an existing system, please contact us at (908) 369-7791 or by submitting a contact form here.