Installing an outdoor lighting system in phases

December 5, 2018

A properly designed and installed outdoor lighting system is an excellent investment for New Jersey homeowners who are looking to increase their property’s curb appeal while also increasing safety and security. Like most worthwhile investments, sometimes these lighting projects need to be done in phases to accommodate homeowner budgets and different timelines for different zones of their property landscape, hardscape or pool area renovations.

Regardless of the reason for deciding to light different areas of their home at different times, the best way to perform this service is to design the system as a whole (or as close to a complete system as possible) and then break down the design into separate zones that can be completed independently of each other.

There are a few reasons this is the best approach.

First is the ability for us to install a low voltage transformer that is capable of handling the additional wattage of an expanded system to reduce redundancy and cost to the homeowner for future expansion.

The second reason is to reduce any installation redundancy. This might mean running an extra line or two under a walkway, patio or deck to ensure our goal of a minimally invasive installation remains possible when returning to a client’s home for an add-on.

The third reason is to ensure that our technicians adjust the amount of fixtures on any given line in order to maintain our system’s integrity and ensure the longevity of our lifetime warrantied system.

So, when you make an appointment for a free consultation make sure you let us know your full plans for outdoor lighting and allow us to design the system in a way that makes future expansion easy and affordable.