Incorporating low-voltage lighting in your hardscape design plans

December 4, 2019

If you’re considering adding low-voltage lighting to a new hardscape project like a new walkway, patio, fireplace, brick-oven, outdoor kitchen, seating area, pergola or deck it is a good idea to contact an outdoor lighting professional anytime between the inception of the idea and when the final plans are delivered.

By including an outdoor lighting professional in the plans before installation of the project begins, we can ensure that there are ways for the installation team to install the outdoor lighting system without disturbing any brand new hardscaping and to limit the invasiveness of the installation.

Some examples may include having your hardscaper install a PVC chase-way underneath a patio or walkway, or leading into an isolated landscape bed or fire pit. If you are installing a deck we can pre-run lines into the deck posts before any finishing pieces like Trex or post moldings are installed. For a pergola or arbor, we can ensure that lines are running up a column before the column is set, reducing the time for installation and the need to drill through a brand new structure.

Getting involved in the planning stage also ensures that the lighting is going in at the right time, like after the hardscaping, irrigation and landscaping, but before ground-cover is put in.

Low-voltage landscape lighting can be installed at any time in new or older hardscaping, with minimally invasive installation techniques, but it is always best if we can incorporate our lighting systems into the construction of any new structure.

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