Home Security Lighting

May 19, 2017

Your home should be your safe place. It is a shelter for the most precious things in your life from the outside world where there is both beauty and danger. Its very purpose is to provide you and your family with safe place to rest and interact.

Most of the time when people drive down the road and see one of the homes that we installed a complete low-voltage outdoor lighting system, they think about how beautiful the home looks at night. The ambient lighting running up the driveway, the landscape lighting that defines the space and throws off a moon-light glow, the pathways that are clearly defined and the home’s architecture, peaks and dormers that capture the warmth of our radiant lighting.

There is, however, a whole other group of people that are thinking something different entirely. Those are the people that are looking for targets to burglarize.

Our lighting systems are designed to bring out the most beautiful aspects of your home and landscaping, but also to help protect the most vulnerable parts of your home’s security.

By lighting the areas that burglars would use to case, approach and enter your home, you are taking away their ability to use darkness as a cloak. A clearly lit perimeter will deter a burglar from entering your property from the rear or sides. A well-lit driveway and pathways will take away the opportunity for them to park a van or enter your enter your home from normal access ways.

Architectural lighting will deter a burglar from entering a home through the ground level windows or attempting to scale your home for access to a second story window or balcony.

Along with a home security system, a video surveillance system or a smart doorbell with video and audio components, you will take away a burglar’s opportunity for easy access to your home, its contents and its inhabitants.

Send burglars down the road with home security lighting by shining a light on your home and property. To learn more about the security benefits of a complete outdoor lighting system, contact S&M Landscape Lighting to set up a consultation. Submit a contact form here or call us at (908) 369-7791.