Fall Lighting Principles

October 4, 2017

As our summer installation season begins to wind down, our focus shifts from lighting backyards and pool areas almost exclusively, to returning to our normal mixture of outdoor living-space lighting, architectural lighting and landscape lighting. Though the temperatures are still soaring, New Jerseyans know that the shorter days and longer nights of autumn are near.

Lighting in the late summer and early fall is a fun time for us, especially in a year that we saw a lot of rain. Our client’s landscaping is still in full bloom, which allows us to set fixtures in their most impactful positions, and with just enough time to capture the beauty of fall foliage. It also means that our clients will be able to enjoy the peaceful settings we create for them even longer, with the sun setting earlier and the cool nights inviting them outside.

Tree lighting in the fall creates a magical scene. As leaves turn crimson and gold and rustle in the cool wind, spectators can truly take in the majesty of mother nature and the warmth of a glowing light radiating outward. While we know that the leaves will return spring, there is a sense of finality in autumn’s foliage and there is no better way to appreciate is than with a beautifully designed landscape lighting system.

Architectural lighting once again becomes the most important aspect of an outdoor lighting system. The further into the cold seasons we approach, the more important it is to have architectural lighting to warm your home from the outside in. Your home’s architecture will also be the backdrop to a lighting system and pulling into a properly illuminated home offers a feeling of comfort and resilience to even the coolest blowing winds.

Proper walkway and entryway lighting will also be worth its weight in gold in the cooler and darker months ahead, adding security and safely guiding you and your family into your home.

Outdoor living spaces, such as decks and patios will also be used more in the dark as the sun sets earlier in the day. Make sure you get the most out of your retreat with proper lighting for the nights when you want to stay just a little longer before retreating to the warmth of a fireplace.

Every season is special for one reason or another. Don’t miss out on the most beautiful time of year just because the sun has set.

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