Driveway lighting ideas

November 6, 2020

As we are now headed full-steam ahead into the darkest part of the calendar year, we will often get asked about the different ways we can add light to a driveway area to ensure it is both safely marked and attractive.

One way to add light to a driveway, and likely the most common, is to line either side of drive with area lights. The most common area light is the pathway light, which will typically stand about two-feet tall and reflect light off a circular surface to spread light evenly throughout an area. This type of lighting can be done by installing fixtures evenly on either side of the driveway or along one side of the driveway.

Another option is to install directional lights that would flank the driveway from one side to the other. This effect can be used to a larger surface area of the blacktop or if one side of the driveway is less conducive to lighting fixture placement.

A third option is a low-voltage post light that can be installed so that it comes on and off with the timer controlling the rest of the outdoor lighting system. The decorative post lights we typically install in New Jersey are made of low-maintenance and attractive Azek and the lighting fixtures themselves can be selected based on the aesthetic of your home and neighborhood.

If your driveway is lined with trees, we can use the moonlighting method of installing down lights high up on the trunk of the tree and shining down along the length of the driveway. This is an attractive and effective means of lighting along a driveway that keeps fixtures out of harms way of lawn maintenance crews, animals and children.

Lastly, lights can be core-drilled into driveways in order to create a unique and attractive lighting style that will illuminate the perimeter of your driveway. The lights are installed flush with the surface of the driveway or the Belgian Block.

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