Bistro lighting (overhead string lights)

June 11, 2021

One of the more charming ways to light an outdoor entertainment space is the use of professionally designed and installed low-voltage bistro lighting (aka string lighting).

These outdoor lighting systems are very effective at providing valuable and usable light while increasing ambiance and atmosphere instead of sacrificing it like with the use of harsh flood lighting.

Each low-voltage bistro lighting system is entirely custom, but will contain all of these parts: anchor-points, origination points, functional design, reliable (and clean) power supply and remote dimming features.

Most systems require the use of poles installed on concrete footers, though the creative use of guy-wire and natural or existing anchor points are also always in consideration.

Bistro lighting should be used sparingly in areas with extremely high risk for tree limb damage or around areas with vehicular traffic. When installing Bistro lighting in areas where people may be in water it is also recommended to upgrade to a spa-rated transformer to minimize risks as well.

If you’re interested in Bistro string lights installed over a patio, deck or in a pergola or outdoor structure please let us know so that we can get into more detail and prepare a design.

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