Benefits of a low voltage lighting system

April 7, 2020

A low voltage outdoor lighting system is a worthwhile investment for your home that can be enjoyed year-round. Whether it is architectural lighting, pathway lighting, landscape lighting or lighting around a patio or pool, there is a low voltage solution that can add security and beauty to your home.

Low voltage lighting can be installed in a minimally invasive manner, ensuring that even if the lighting is installed after all other yard projects are complete that you would never know a professional lighting crew was there. Ground cover, lawn and pavers will look undisturbed and you can rest easy that the money and time you spent beautifying your property will not be temporarily wasted.

Low voltage lighting is also easy to add on to, so you can do the work in phases, for budgetary reasons or if you have a new project or landscape installed that you want to add onto your existing system.

The technology that powers our commercial grade lamps also means that low voltage lighting is powerful enough to light 95% of the projects we do and there is no reason to worry about 18” trenches or permits to install lighting outside.

It is also a benefit to service and maintenance, as our technicians can handle most problems without the homeowner even being home, as the low voltage transformer is typically located outside.

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