Brighten Your Summer

Why Summer is the Best Time to Install Landscape Lighting

  • Highlight Landscapes

    Showcase the beauty of your summer garden and landscaping features with strategic lighting.

  • Enhance Water Accents

    Enhance the visual appeal of your pool, fountains, and ponds with specialized lighting effects.

  • Outdoor Gatherings

    Summer is peak season for outdoor entertaining. Create a welcoming atmosphere for barbecues, pool parties, and gatherings.

  • Increased Safety

    Proper lighting improves visibility around pathways, pools, and patios, reducing the risk of accidents.


Product Spotlight: Tiki Lights

  • Firepit Lighting

    Firepit lighting can create a beautiful, well-lit space around your outdoor living areas. The useful task lighting mixed with natural flame can really set these areas apart.
  • Pool Lighting

    Tiki lighting is a great way to add light around your pool area and your outdoor water features while creating a resort-style feel and adding the benefit of bug control using Bite Fighter Tiki Fuel.
  • Deck Lighting

    Lighting a deck that has already been constructed can be difficult, but by using Tiki lights around your deck area you can get the benefit of a space-defining task lighting and relaxing natural flame.

Popular Add-Ons

Be sure to ask us about the latest add-ons to
help enhance your next installation.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway Lighting

Adding pathway lighting to your outdoor lighting system is a great way to increase safety on your property as well as to establish depth in your night scene and define your outdoor walkway and living spaces.

Down Lighting

Down Lighting

Down lighting or moon lighting is a technique used to add task and ambiance light to areas around structures or large trees. The technique maximizes each light fixture while eliminating ground-mount fixtures in high-traffic areas.

Down Lighting

Undercap Lighting

Undercap lighting is a technique used to wash retaining or seating walls and steps with warm soft light from a hidden source as well as add area light in places where other lighting techniques and fixtures can’t reach.

Down Lighting

Tree Grove Lighting

Tree grove lighting is a lighting technique that can be used to create a dramatic and impactful statement piece in a part of your property that can be viewed from multiple angles and can extend your night scene.

Summer is a great a great time to schedule a service

Our maintenance services include:

  • Clean

    Clean all fixtures and lenses to ensure longevity and improve visibility

  • Upgrade

    Make recommendations to improve the night scene

  • Test

    Test to make sure all components of the system are working properly

  • Adjust

    Make adjustments to fixture angle and placement to ensure maximum performance

  • Repair

    Repair or replace any damaged components

  • Trim

    Trim back vegetation to reduce obstruction to fixture output

  • Why Choose Us
  • Why choosing us
    makes a difference.

    We are fully-licensed and insured electrical contractors specializing in outdoor lighting and low-voltage landscape lighting. In New Jersey, being a licensed electrical contractor is a requirement for installing low-voltage lighting but most companies that install lighting are not licensed, which increases your risk as a homeowner should the system not be installed correctly.