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Truly Unique Night Scenes

For over ten years S&M Landscape Lighting has been a dedicated, low voltage outdoor lighting company operating out of Hillsborough, New Jersey. During that time we have partnered with hundreds of homeowners across the state in order to create truly unique night scenes that capture and accentuate their home's architecture, landscaping, hardscaping, pools, decks and patios.

S&M Landscape Lighting is a fully-licensed electrical contractor, specializing in outdoor lighting and low-voltage lighting. We have always been committed to providing the best possible service and solutions for our clients. Our passion for designing outdoor lighting systems that are completely custom to each of our client's homes has led to the development of many of our proprietary installation techniques.

Quality is Everything

We use the best available fixtures which were designed by us and manufactured for us. We also don't take shortcuts in our designs or installations. Any landscape lighting system we install is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Our connections are 100% waterproof, our low-voltage lines will be buried according to code and we will add extra protection in areas that are likely to be aggravated by digging, trimming or edging.

We are so confident in our fixtures and installation process that we offer our clients a lifetime warranty.

Innovative Installation

We will never sacrifice our design for your home because of a challenging installation. In fact, we like a good challenge. We will continue to develop innovative installation procedures to overcome any obstacle we encounter because that's what makes us the best in the landscape lighting business.

We're a small and passionate outdoor lighting company and we truly believe that you're only as good as your last job. For this reason, we will always treat your home as if it were our home.

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New Jersey State Electrical License Number 34EB01721900