Daylight Saving and Your Landscape Lighting

Daylight savings is almost here, making you feel left in the dark during the coldest months. Illuminating your space can increase the feeling of space both inside and outside, especially if all you can see is black when you look out. Outdoor lighting can add ambiance to any space when designed well. We can help brighten your:

Front Entrance



Walking Space

The right exterior lighting will keep homeowners safe from trips and stumbles after the sun goes down by adding outdoor lighting to your home, YOU will control the time it gets dark at your house, not mother nature.

Let Us Accentuate
The Natural Beauty Of Your Home

S&M landscape Lighting is New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania’s premier outdoor landscape lighting design and installation company. At S&M Landscape Lighting we believe in being the best at what you do and standing behind your work. That's why outdoor lighting is all we do and we provide an industry-leading warranty on all of our new low voltage lighting systems.

Full-service outdoor lighting design and installation

We are a full-service outdoor lighting company, which means we take great pride and care when installing our landscape lighting systems. Landscape lighting design and installation requires an experienced perspective and our lighting systems are created with that in mind.

We will use the right materials for the job, stand by our craftsmanship and will actually come out to repair/maintain your system once it has been installed. We consider ourselves to be your outdoor lighting partners every step of the way.

We are fully licensed and insured

We're fully-licensed and insured electrical contractors specializing in outdoor lighting and low-voltage landscape lighting. In New Jersey, being a licensed electrical contractor is a requirement for installing low-voltage lighting but most companies that install lighting are not licensed, which increases your risk as a homeowner should the system not be installed correctly.