Home Outdoor Lighting Automation - NJ


Home Indoor Outdoor Lighting Automation – New Jersey


In the age of digital access and automation, why not give your home’s indoor and outdoor lighting system both? S&M Landscape Lighting specializes in the installation of a fully automated low voltage interior and exterior lighting system to provide a truly worry and maintenance free experience.

The benefits of having a properly installed and automated indoor and outdoor lighting system go far beyond the unlimited access it provides. S&M Landscape Lighting will provide your home’s indoor and outdoor lighting system with a brain that knows what time sun-down is each day based on the global positioning of your home and calibrate your exterior light system to turn on at dusk, thereby eliminating the need for a indoor and outdoor lighting timer.

Homeowners will be able to create outdoor lighting scenes for a romantic backyard dinner or while they are having company allowing them to enhance the atmosphere. Furthermore, in order to provide security while the home is vacant, the homeowner can enter the system into a “vacation” mode which will provide the illusion that the home is occupied.

By syncing the interior and exterior lighting system to your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, homeowners can have full access to their lighting system whether they are in the living room, down the street or half the world away!

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