Five benefits of Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting with bistro lights and tiki lights in an outdoor living space in new jersey

Create an incredible outdoor living space with low voltage landscape lighting.

Five benefits of Landscape Lighting

Typically, when we are engaged by a potential client, they already have an idea of at least one or two of the benefits of installing a custom landscape lighting system. Sometimes the reason they want to install outdoor lighting is purely aesthetic, other times it has more to do with security lighting. Maybe they entertain a lot and want to extend the time they are able to comfortably host guests outside. Maybe they prefer the peaceful escape their outdoor living space provides and want to highlight its natural beauty and tranquility.

Whatever the reason that leads them to us, we usually have the opportunity to present them with the many benefits of installing a custom landscape lighting system. I would like to offer you a glimpse into those conversations, should you choose to continue reading. Who knows, maybe there will be something here you did not think about when you began researching outdoor low-voltage lighting systems.

Architectural lighting:

Your home’s architecture is unique. It is unique to the time period it was built. It is unique to your neighborhood. It is unique to the climate of the state that you live in. Maybe you have columns or a front porch. Maybe the exterior of your home has stucco or brick. Maybe your home has shutters or a coupla.

A custom architectural lighting system can add incredible beauty to your home at night. Whether you want a bold design that your neighbors might envy, or you simply want to ensure that your home’s peaks, textures and angles are highlighted tastefully, there is a design for you. Architectural lighting will bring out the beauty of your home, add depth and create warmth on even the coldest and darkest of nights.

Landscape lighting:

When was the last time someone complimented you on your beautiful landscaping. When was the last time you replied, “wait until you see it at night?”

Beautiful landscaping is a major investment for any homeowner. Mature trees interspersed with a variety of shrubs and flowers. Natural stone retaining walls in beds of mulch. These are the unique aspects of your yard that will continue to grow and add personality and beauty for decades. Custom landscape lighting systems add a dramatic and peaceful flare that accentuates your favorite natural retreats.

Outdoor living space lighting:

We operate out of New Jersey and while it is amazing to experience four seasons every year, people in the Northeast understand how precious the warm months are. We do not hide in the Summer, we embrace it. You can often find us in a sweatshirt or coat enjoying the first and last tolerable outdoor nights in early spring and late fall.

Lighting and defining an outdoor living space, whether it is a custom designed patio, pergola, gazebo, deck or pool area is a fantastic option to ensure you are making the most of the warm months. Perhaps you want bistro lights to liven up your outdoor living area and give it an old-world charm. Maybe you prefer the natural beauty offered by a tiki torch and want to install tiki fixtures to enjoy the best of both worlds. Perhaps you are interested in adding dimension to your outdoor wood burning stove and uplighting to your pergola retreat to create warmth and add security. Lighting your pool area and adding underwater lights can create a resort atmosphere in your own backyard.

Whatever your goal is for your outdoor living space, there is a low-voltage lighting solution.

Security lighting:

Multiple studies have concluded that burglary attempts are often opportunistic, meaning the burglar encounters a home that appears to be unoccupied and unsecured and proceeds to burglarize the home. In addition to securing a home with a home security system, the best way to deter a burglar is to take away their hiding places and give the appearance that the home is occupied.

Landscape lighting, especially when fully automated, takes away hiding places from potential burglars and deters them from attempting to enter the home. By illuminating the walkways, entry ways and areas surrounding the home, you are drawing more attention to their presence and forcing them down the road. Automated landscape lighting also gives the impression that the home is currently occupied, even if there is no one home. Interior lights can also be patched into the same system as the low voltage lighting system with relative ease, allowing for maximum protection.


Are you using a floodlight on a motion sensor or a switch to illuminate your walkways and yard? Other than being unattractive, and often blinding, using floodlights are also very inefficient. Low voltage lighting systems can be used on timers to ensure a safe and attractive pathway into and from your home while also expending a fraction of the energy needed for floodlights.

Lights can be added above and below your garage doors, around your pathways, embedded into your steps, along your driveway and anywhere else you would need to add light. Our lights can be automated to turn on after sunset each day and easily set for how late you would like them to stay on.

Whatever the reason is behind your interest in an outdoor low-voltage landscape lighting system, you will find yourself the beneficiary in more ways than one.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of a low-voltage landscape lighting system and how we can create a custom design for your outdoor living space? Please give us a call so that we can schedule a free consultation. Our number is (908) 392-5690 and you can email us at

The S&M Landscape Lighting Manifesto

low voltage landscape and outdoor lighting

Low voltage landscape and outdoor lighting can add depth and warmth to your home at night.

The S&M Landscape Lighting Difference

In the beginning there was only darkness. It was cold and empty. A place and time where even shadows could not exist. Then there was light.

An epic battle has been waging ever since, spanning our known universe. A battle between light and dark. Cold and warmth. Shadow and sun. Lightness and darkness; two of the most inevitable and powerful forces in our lives.

At S&M Landscape Lighting, light is our trade, darkness is our canvas.

Okay. That was a little dramatic, but hopefully you understand our point. This is our life. This is what we do. We take one of the most powerful natural phenomena in our known world and we paint with it. We use every spectrum. We use every texture. We use every shadow. We create art and we create it in your yard.

There are many companies that claim to be landscape lighting professionals. Many of them can succeed in lighting your walkway. Some of them may even be familiar with uplighting. Some of their systems and fixtures might even continue working after the first frost. But there are the exceptional few who will create something better, something more beautiful, something more powerful.

We will not simply light your walkway, we will create a pathway through the shadow. We will not simply light your home, we will create depth and texture and capture the dramatic angles that are lost in the darkness. We will not simply shine a light on your trees, we will bring them to life.

Landscape lighting is not a supplemental income for us. It is all we do. We owe it to our clients to create custom art with every plan, and every installation and you owe it to yourself the hire an artist. Your canvas is simply too beautiful to entrust those who can’t see what we see and who can’t do what we do.

This is our promise to you.

Continue to follow us as we spread our work and our words and our art with you on this blog each week.

If you are interested in learning about how we can apply our tools for your family and your home, please contact us at (908) 392-5690 or email us at .

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